Thursday, November 1, 2012

Water Distressed

Ok ladies here is our last technique for the year. I have a whole list ready to go after the Holidays. We'll pick back up in January. Today is a Distressing technique. Here is what you need. Spray bottle with water, 3 dye ink pads** Distressed pads if you have them , card stock and a work surface** either wax paper or a non stick Teflon mat and a heat tool.

On your work surface swipe your pads across without touching the other colors. 

Spray with water. Your inks will bead up.

Lay your card stock on top and preass down. Lift it up and dry with the heat tool on the front side and the back side. The paper will curl up and flatten out. Repeat this step untill you get the look you want.

  I repeated it 3 times adding more ink and water to my work surface. This is what I ended up with. When it was totally dry I ironed it to completely flatten it out. 

Now you can use this as your background or you can stamp right onto it. I stamped right on it and colored my owl/pumpkin image with pencils.  The leaves are all stamped, colored, cut out and attached with glue dots.


Belinda Scott said...

Love this idea!!! Going to share your blog on my facebook page for my scrappy/card making friends :D

Donna Ellis said...

Great Background, Pat! I love that owl image - too cute!