Saturday, October 18, 2008

Snowman fun

I saw this guy on Dawns Stamping Studio last night and had to make him. Snowmen are my weakness. He is so cute. I will have to add him to my Christmas card to make list. He's sure to make you smile.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I learned something yesterday

I was teaching my wax class yesterday and we were edging our waxed napkins with gold leaf pens. Well mine our old and the tips not too good. One was drying up. Well the ladies weren't thrilled with my pens and one of them said have you changed the tip? I said what????. I'm sure some of you know this but I have never heard it. She took my pen and pulled out the tip and turned it around and put it back in. Good as new.!! I had no idea. After our napkins they tried free form Encaustic Wax. They loved it. Their backgrounds were turning out really really nice. Here is mine.

It was an enjoyable class. We all had a great time and they were inspired to go home and try it some more. That's a good thing.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's World Card Making Day!!

Did you make a card today. I've had a great day. Tried some new techniques. Made some cards. But my fun is over. Hubby will be home in 30 minutes and we are going out to eat. But that is fun too now isn't it. He's feeling like a Calzone and we have the best place around to get one. And I like the Stromboli and sneeking bits of his. So before he gets here these are the cards I completed today. My order from I Brake for Stamps arrived this morning also and I put them right to use. First card has a chalked sky. The second card uses a TJ Technique called Snake Skin and I put the Cactus on acetate. Excuse the glare. I took a picture without one but the colors are more vibrant on the card with the glare. The third card uses Snake Skin also but I tried to distress it a little and hated it. Brought out the webbing and Wallaa I'm liking it. The fourth card is another TJ Technique called Polished wrinkles. The last 2 cards are the Dahlia Fold flower. I hope if you got a chance to enjoy yourself today that you did. I have a few more techniques that I tried but did not make use of them yet so maybe tomorrow I will show you a few more.

Wax Project

I'm getting ready for my waxed napkin class next week. I'm also going to show them how to use Encaustic Wax to make backgrounds. One of the ladies coming wants to do a landscape. I told her I'd try. Please tell me you can see the mountains and the sky??? LOL At least I tried.

Think I'll stick to what I do best. Squiggling and Smooshing. I was looking for an image to put on this one when I ran across this ATC I received in a swap MANY MANY years ago. It matched perfectly. Guess who made it. Cmon guess............Pat Huntoon. Here I was swapping with the Technique Queen way back before I knew she was Queen. I'd like to know what technique that is. I really like it. Well hopefully the landscape wanting woman will be happy with my backgrounds.