Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fire and stamping do not mix!!

Well I gave it my best shot. I tried Soot stamping. At my stamping get together yesterday I set a piece of paper on fire. Determined to not let this technique get the best of me I tried it once again this morning. I set the paper on fire. Husband & daughter carried on about the fumes. Opened the doors and waited for the smoke alarm to go off. What a family. I however did succeed in saving the piece and stamped a very small raccoon on the good spot.

He turned out quite well.

Here's my card

I'm afraid this will be my last attempt. I can just see the headlines" Stamper starts a fire that burns 1000s of acres making a card." So long Soot stamping.

Here is one of the mosaic cards we made yesterday also. I've added a bit of glitter and bling.

This is another card I made today. Started the background a few weeks ago after the last get together.

My working hours have not been kind but I am determined to find time to relax with my stamps.