Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wax Project

I'm getting ready for my waxed napkin class next week. I'm also going to show them how to use Encaustic Wax to make backgrounds. One of the ladies coming wants to do a landscape. I told her I'd try. Please tell me you can see the mountains and the sky??? LOL At least I tried.

Think I'll stick to what I do best. Squiggling and Smooshing. I was looking for an image to put on this one when I ran across this ATC I received in a swap MANY MANY years ago. It matched perfectly. Guess who made it. Cmon guess............Pat Huntoon. Here I was swapping with the Technique Queen way back before I knew she was Queen. I'd like to know what technique that is. I really like it. Well hopefully the landscape wanting woman will be happy with my backgrounds.


Shirley said...

You need to teach me how to do the encaustic the way you do it. it is so much prettier than others I have seen. Lovely cards!!

Pat Garvin said...

Thanks so much. I would love to show how you but it looks like you live quite a distance from me. Maybe we could do a few by email. Send me a message.