Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making a scene easy

Hi ladies of SSSD. This month we are making scenes. I love doing scenes and I try to keep it very simple.  This is a copy of a tutorial I did for Speedy TV so some of you may have seen this.  I will be showing you 2 different skies. My preferred inks are the Memento and Distressed and a nice smooth card stock. So lets get started. These are the colors I used.

                       Start out sponging your whole piece of card stock with the lightest blue

 Next taken a scrap piece of paper, decide where you want the horizon line. We’re going to make water for the first sample.

 First sponge the whole section with the medium blue and then with the darker blue, keeping the darker blue closer to the edges. Remove you scrap paper.

Make some clouds with a cloud stencil or a scalloped circle using the lightest blue and sponging lightly away from the scallops

Tear a little hill out of a piece of scrap paper. Lay it on top of the corner and sponge with the dark brown right over the blue.

                                         Add a little black on the edges


                                                  Here’s what we have done so far.

                                      Add your images.

                                 Take a white pen and add detail to the water.
                                            Here's my card.

Now let me show you a different color scheme.

We are going to make an orange sunset. This is also going to be a mini scene but can be made as large as you like. I started out by cutting an oval with a Spellbinder oval. I am leaving my cardstock in the die. Decide where your horizon line is and lay a piece of scrap paper over the bottom half. Sponge with the lightest  yellow.

Attach a small circle for your moon with removable tape. Sponge with the darker

Then sponge with the orange on the edges.

Remove your moon and the scrap paper. This is what you have.

Take your scrap paper and cover up the sky. Sponge the lightest green over the bottom part.

             Now sponge with the Medium green but do not cover up all of the lightest green.

                                    Sponge along the paper line with a light brown

                         Sponge with the darkest green along the Spellbinder die.

                           Remove the die. You are left with a nice white border.

Sponge the moon lightly with the light yellow and just a touch of the darker yellow. Stamp your images.

                                                           Here is my card.



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