Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something I very very seldom do

Todays cards all used decorative paper. I have an assortment of paper but never pull it out because I normally use my backgrounds. This morning I decided to be different. Told myself it's OK. You can use paper. So I pulled out a few images I wanted to work with and then went to matching papers. Have a few more sitting here to finish up tomorrow. We headed for the airport at 3. Got there by 4 with no problems. Jessie's plane landed 10 minutes early so the trip is looking real good. Then we leave the airport. The first bad thing was being charged $1.00 for 2 lousy minutes. It's a 1.00 for every 20 minutes parking. We were there 62 minutes. $4.00!! That's a little ridiculous. Then we get on the road and I hate fast moving traffic and can not get over to get off at the Turnpike exit for fear of being killed. So get off at the next one and head back towards what I'm hoping is the turnpike. Come across 441. I know that street so I'm going OK we've got it but no I'm driving North. We need to go South my husband tells me when I call to tell him we're OK because I found 441. So we turn around once again and finally find the turnpike and with .50 to spare we make it home 5 hours later. Those Toll roads just kill you going into Orlando. But we're home now in one piece. Stopped for sandwiches at A & W and now are ready for bed. What a day. We are going to get to go to Busch Gardens. I am so excited. Husband is going to take a days vacation the week before Grandaughter goes back, so we can go. Looking forward to that. We have wanted to go for years. Tomorrow I think I will work on the tiles I bought to make coasters. Hope they turn out

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