Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is a technique I have been wanting to try. Bought these stamps specifically to try it. They are from I Brake for Stamps- The Time to Stamp Line. Not my usual thing but I like them. Plan to try it again with Butterflies and flowers. It was quite easy to do and quick.

My Grand daughter leaves tomorrow morning so we spent the day at St. Pete's Beach. We had a great day and the girls spent a lot of time picking up shells. But all they picked up were broken ones. I couldn't believe it. Robin and Jessica are 16 not 5. But they thought the pieces were pretty and they were happy. That is all that counts. They kept bringing me these pieces of shell and were so excited about them. It was like they had never been to the beach before. They are something else. Well June is over. Can you believe it?? I have to take advantage of July or it will be over and I will be back at work. That's a sad thought. Oh to be retired or at least independently wealthy. Wouldn't that be grand. So I need to get serious now. Have so much I want to do. Sewing a few skirts. Flower punches to play with. Techniques to try. Weeding ( I might forget this project. ) Cards I want to send into a few magazines. Wonder how much I will really get done.

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