Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun fun fun

Well I've been working on some of my June swaps but had to take a break and get started on this star card. I ran across the project the other day on another blog. Don't know how I found it. Hope I can find it again. Can you believe this is made using the 2 SU tag punches??!! How do they come up with these wonderful ideas. The star went together quite easily. It also gave me a chance to play with my glitter. Glitter glitter everywhere. The background is a TJ technique called Webbed Acetate. So I'm off to play some more. I have so much to fit in during this tiime. Great first official day of my vacation. On a sadder note our other cow had her calf yesterday. It was dead. This has not been a good calf season for us. My poor husband cried. He was so upset. The vet just says you're not the first and you won't be the last to lose a calf. The other calf we could understand because it was oversized and got stuck in the birth canal and suffocated. This one was perfect size. I have a feeling last years calf caused this. He kept trying to nurse. We did finally get them separated when we figured out she was pregnant but I think it was just too late. He was getting the nourishment the new baby should have gotten. Don't really know but that makes sense to me. So our hopes are for a good birthing time next spring. Super chicken however laid another super deduper egg. Wasn't quite as long but this one was way big around. And I have thoughts on who is doing this. There is one Rhode Island Red hen who is always the last to leave the coop. I call her Pokey. She lags behind and takes her good time walking anywhere unless food is involved. LOL Well I'm off to play some more but I wanted to share this card with you.

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Debi said...

I have done one of these stars too. They are fun with the vellum. You can color your vellum from the back side too. Yours looks great. I love our punches and like to play and create with them. Sorry to hear about the calf. Hope momma moo isn't too sad. Great job on the chicken... hope she starts laying Gold ones soon. Debi Pippin