Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a week I've had!!!

This is the first time I've been on the computer in 2 days. Sunday I opened the cupboard under my desk and found things I haven't seen in almost 3 years. Some I didn't even recognize. So I went to cleaning and organizing all over again. Seems like I had just done this. But everything has been moved and new toys have a spot now and I'm ready to start my vacation. I have lots of cards I want to make to send into some magazines and techniques to try. I'm like so excited. Yesterday was my day to work 2 jobs and before and after the second job I started to sort stamps. I've had them in binders by subject but when you send cards into the magazines or to some of the websites they want to know who made the stamps. So I have sorted by company. Not sure I'm going to like this but I'm going to give it a try. What a job that was. I just finished with them. Have a couple left on my desk I need to identify yet. So just a warning to everyone if you don't want to clean don't open anything up you haven't looked at for awhile. It will take over your life!!. Now to catch up with my groups. I wanted to post a picture of our newest baby. Isn't she something. They are called Turkens. They are so adorable right now. We had them when we first moved here. They are so ugly they are cute. My husband went to tractor supply and 12 of these followed him home. All I know is there better not be any roosters. I warned him!! The 2 we have now can't even be in the same part of the yard together and they both hate me. I also think we have a calf being born right now. She's way out at the other end of the pasture laying down. My husband will have to go and look on her when he gets home. He's the only one the bull will allow in the pasture so I can't go and look. I will let you know and post a picture of either Cowlvin or Cowlene.


Anonymous said...

How adorable! You sound very busy. Have fun on your vacation. Debi Pippin

Anonymous said...

I love the turkins. They make me think of a Dr. Seuss character. Dottie