Friday, April 11, 2008

The Altered CD now note pad holder

Well for those who think I pick a theme for a swap that I'm hostessing because I know what I'm doing or I have the stamps that fit the theme **YOU ARE WRONG!!!** I just write things down and then sit there like the rest of you wondering what to do. That's why on one of my groups we're doing an Easter swap. What was I thinking?? Oh well we're ready for next Easter LOL. I have never worked with a CD before and had I not received one as a gift I wouldn't have known what to do. However the one I received as a gift was covered with paper. That's not what I had in mind. I wanted to try alcohol inks. Well that went fine but then there was this hole in the middle of the CD. What to do with that. Then I put the holes in the wrong place for the ribbon so had to add another hole. Anyways all in all I think it turned out pretty good. Here's what I did. I sprayed the CD with alcohol. Then dropped several drops of a couple of colors and gold around the CD. Then I pounced. Love these great stamping terms pouncing and smooshing. Don't you? Let that dry and please don't do this at home. Use a drill. I took a nail and a hammer and made my holes. Nail got stuck. Wasn't a pretty sight me struggling with a stuck nail. Anyways I did not measure. I eyed it. Didn't do that to well cause the note pad wouldn't fit. So had to make another hole. Added my ribbon with brads right through the holes. Hung my note pad and then had to figure out what to do for the center. Tried all sorts of things. Hated them all. Then I remembered who I was making it for and my problem was solved. A sea shell. I hope you like it Sue.

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Debi said...

Pat do you not have a cropadile? It would cut through the CD like Butter Plus add the eyelets. I guess you will have to find the SU rep and get one.
I think it turned out lovely! You have been a busy lady for someone on vacation.