Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Back with piggies and a challenge

After 2 weeks without a computer it is good to be back. A new computer is in our future but this one will do us just fine for now. It's been re-energized just like I need occasionally. We've been busy getting ready for Christmas. We're decorated, cards have been mailed and packages wrapped. Now just waiting for Santa's arrival and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. A few days after Thanksgiving we had some new babies. Here they are all lined up under a lamp to keep warm. There is Yeepie ( after my baby sister), Pulley ( son suggested the name- He likes Pulled pork), Petunia, Barbie Q, Riblet and The Porkster ( originally named Porketta but turned out to be a boy).

Yesterday my friend Dawn D gave me a little bag filled with pieces parts. Challenged me to not look and each day to pick out something and make a card. So here is my card for Saturday. I pulled out a bag with 3 buttons in it. They were her Grams. Using the pieces parts all over my desk I made this card. The ribbon was wrapped around my Secret Santa package I received yesterday from Denise. I've already picked out my object for today from the bag and will have another card to show you later on today.


Anonymous said...

I am very excited to be able to leave a comment. Great card! k

Anonymous said...

Great Card Pat, I love the Santa. Barb