Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 3/ How sad its almost over

When I pulled out my item today I realized there are only 2 things left. That is sad. I have enjoyed having an excuse to make myself work each day on something. I am going to make time everyday for creating. That is not going to stop. Even if its only 5 minutes. I have already started piecing my mosaic stamp together for the technique Splitcoasters showed last week. I will have a card ready to show in a few days. I am using fun foam. However if this doesn't work I will have an excuse to go shopping for a full sheet of unmounted rubber stamps. Right now I'm working 11-8 all week so it will probably take me all week to piece this thing together. Looking forward to the weekend. I have taken all 3 days off. A mini Christmas vacation. OK now for todays card. The item was the plastic peppermint candy in the center of my flower. I found the flower already attached to the card stock in my box of images. I had made quite a few of these about a year ago when I was in the folding circle craze. Thought the candy made a great center. Added some leaf punch outs and stickles in the middle of the peppermint candy.


Anonymous said...

Pat, I love the flower! I want to make some. Is it the dahlia fold or something else? You're in the habit of creating every day now so you won't lose it! That crafty Dawn!kk

Handmade by Vivi said...

WOW Pat, this is gorgeous!
I love the flower!