Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 4/Dawn D Challenge

Last night after posting my card for Monday I decided to pick my item for Tuesday. Big mistake. It was too late at night for that. My mind went to working. I got out of bed several times to go and look for something to put my card together. Today I was finished before I had to leave for work but I lost quite a bit of sleep. All those ideas. So I won't pick my item until morning for now on. I thought I would show you where I work. Here's my desk.

See the box on the right? That's what I work out of. Every couple of months I empty it and put everything away. Then I gather a few things to start out with. A couple of stamps and a few pieces of paper. As I work making cards anything I use gets put in the box until it's full. It's really full right now from all my Christmas card making.

Now for the card. I pulled out the cute little butterfly charm from my challenge bag. Laid it on the desk and went to bed. Was there less than a minute when I thought I needed a flower image to go with it and I remembered there was a rose in my box. When I found the rose it was laying next this daisy image that was already colored. I liked that better than the rose so laid that on the table and back to bed. Dozed a little and then woke up again because I needed a background. It needed to be bright but not busy. Found a Coredination piece I had Cuttlebugged liked it and added that to the stack growing on my desk. Back to bed. Dozed a little and woke up again. Wouldn't it be cute to punch a hole on each side of the flower stems and thread a ribbon through them for a bow. Cool now back to bed. Nope back up because how cute would a little tag look with For You written on it. Well this morning after all my planning through the night went together perfectly. I added a piece of a Salted Background I found for a little more color.

I am waiting until Wednesday to pick my next item. Have learned my listen.

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