Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Demo that wasn't or was it?

First my apologies ladies for not making it to our get together today. I'm sure you were all real disappointed I didn't make it. Or maybe you didn't even know I wasn't there. No I'm going to believe you missed me. Even Gerri missed me I'm sure. I think something or someone was telling me to stay home today. First I had a bad night. Woke up with blood squirting out of a hole on my rear end. I was rubbing my hip which is sore and felt this hard thing and flicked it off. Next thing I knew blood was squirting everywhere. I mean everywhere. Have no clue what it was. We couldn't find anything. My husband got the bleeding to stop and stuck a bandaid on it. It's not sore so who knows. So that was our night. Robin had to be up a 7 this morning. I got up, woke her up and laid back down with the dog. Was still awake when she left at 7:30. The next thing I know it's 9:10. Now I have to leave at 9:30 to get there so got up and dressed. Everything was already packed and I was on my way. Got to the road and the tire went flat. Backed up real slow to get back in the drive and then I gathered up all my stuff and walked home. Next thing I know there is a Sherrif helicopter circling the area where my car is. I'm guessing they think someone is hunting or something because there is a car on State land. Go to get on the tractor to drive up to the car and the dang thing wouldn't get out of park. So I walked back up there. Called the Sherrif's office. Told the dispatcher to tell them it was my car and it had a flat tire. She said to me no one had called in about a car with a flat. I said Maam they are in a helicopter. My car is on the ground. I don't think they can see if I have a flat. She says, guess not well OK. That was the end of the conversation. He left, I walked back home and 15 minutes later he came back. I walked back to the car and sat there waiving at him and then started walking home. He left. Has not come back and I pray when I go and get the mail that my car is still there and hasn't been towed. So that has been my day. I did get my laundry done but didn't want to disappoint all of you so I decided to do a online demo for you. I know it won't be the same. But I will know that you are picking on me and whining as you do the technique at home. So here is the project. The technique is called Bleached Polished Stone.

This is what you need. A bottle of alcohol if using a cotton ball or a spray bottle with alcohol if you have one of the Ranger distress tools and a piece of glossy card stock.

You will also need 2 Dye ink reinkers and a metallic reinker. Now if you use one of the Ranger metallic mixatives you will not need to seal the project when your done. If you use a pigment reinker or gold leaf pen you will need to seal it so it does not rub off. I use Krylon Fixatif Spray when I seal things.

Wet your cotton ball or felt piece with the alcohol. Then add a few drops of the lighter color.

Stomp it pounce it ,or whatever you want to call it, around until you have real good coverage.

Now add a few drops of the next color and do the same thing.

if you feel it is getting dry and the inks are not moving add a little more alcohol.

Now add a few drops of the metallic and a little alcohol and pounce that around till you are happy with the results. .

Let it dry about 5 minutes. Now take your embossing buddy and wipe it across your polished stoned card stock. Ink your stamp with Versa mark and stamp it.

Put black embossing powder on it and then heat emboss.

Next comes the fun part if you haven't already been having fun. You are going to need a small paint brush and some bleach.

Now paint with the bleach between your lines. Let dry a few seconds and add a second coat of bleach. In about 10 minutes this will be your results.

What you have left is the white of the glossy card stock and the metallic reinker. It has a real nice shine to it. I hope you all enjoyed your lunch. I bought Chinese take out after work last night so finished that off. I missed our time today. Looking forward to next month. Give this a try. It's a fun technique and will be the theme for our monthly swap. .


Anonymous said...

Pat you are oh so right we did miss you. You haven't missed a get together since we started. I loved this demo, very informative. Thank you

Debi said...

I love your tutorial on the bleached polish stone. I have always loved this ps technique so this is a way to take it up a notch. Hope your week got better.
Debi P

Anonymous said...

HI Pat
I miss not being able to attend the meetings lately and am thankful to have you post your tutorial here with photos so I can follow along and keep up. It is REALLY appreciated. I have also passed this website on to my friends up here in Canada and so far have received many thanks for sharing it with them. Keep up the good work.

Just Me said...

Thank you for the tutorial and for e-mailing me about it. You really had a day, hope things got better for you.
Can high gloss photo paper be used? I don't have anywhere to buy glossy cardstock.