Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's almost Halloween

My work schedule has made it impossible to work on anything. I did get a few minutes on Sunday and I pulled out a set I bought last Sept after seeing what Michelle Zindorf did with it. I love this. It was so easy and looks like you did a lot.

Today I have all morning off but haven't been able to talk myself into doing anything. Do have some Christmas ideas in my head for an upcoming class. I'm going to try and work on those.


Anonymous said...

wonderful creation! I love teh motive and the colours
Greetings to the favorite and lovely sunshine state
Elma from germany

was 10 times there!

Debi said...

Pat these are really nice. Gosh it seems like forever since I have seen you so looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. If you want to do lunch afterward I am game for Ruby Tuesdays again.