Friday, August 21, 2009

Vintage Shoes

This is probably my last card for the week. Another one from I Brake for Stamps. I stamped some flourishes with Versa Mark on the black card stock and embossed with black EP. Then I decided to Emboss the shoe image also. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Not sure if the card is finished or if I'll take it apart and start again. Or maybe I'll just leave this one go and make another one without all the embossing. That is probably the better idea because I have agonized over this one way to long. LOL. The flowers and leaves were colored in with glitter markers and I also chalked a little here and there around the background.
Well we've had a pretty emotional couple of weeks here. The husband has been on an animal selling spree. You don't realize how attached you become to a cow or a goat until you have to say goodbye. We need to toughen up. So last week Moorice, Moorie and Cowsandra moved to another farm. Molly and Cowleen will become our new cow mommies in another year. Last night our goat buddies of 6 years went to live with a family with kids who wanted to raise goats. They have plans of having babies. They even bought a husband for our Girlie. Hope she likes him. These people also bought 3 of the chickens last week. So sad we were last night. You'd thought somebody died the way we were blubbering. But todays a new day. We have a Steer coming in a couple of weeks. His name is Porterhouse. A couple pigs and a dozen chickens are on order and there is a new rule not to get to know anybody. These are not pets. RIGHT!!!!!! My husband is like a little kid and has to play with all of them. I keep telling him not to play with the food but he's not listening. We'll see what happens when Charlie pork chop takes his little trip in September I like calling going to Summer camp where he will be changed and come home looking like a new person ur pig. After all the idea to start this farm life was to raise some food. We had visions of steak and bacon in the freezer but that darn freezer just stays empty.

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Diana Tyler said...

Hi, Pat. On Facebook, Bryan posted a link to your blog. So, if you don't mind, I'll visit you here from time to time. I can't "art" worth crap...but you make some beautiful cards. Plus, I love your humor. (Don't play with the food, indeed...! I laughed out loud.) Sorry you guys have to go through parting with your "non-pets", but I totally understand. (I can't even watch those abused-animal commercials they run on TV!) Anyway, thanks for bringing beautiful things into the world...including your son. (BTW, Steve & Jenny's wedding video is up on their you'd like to see it. Your son did a really nice job with his reading.) My best to you and the senior Bryan.