Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Shadow stamping

This technique makes a fun background for using a solid type stamp as your image. You start out with a shadow stamp, your card stock and 4 light colored ink pads. I used Adirondack lights. Optonal is a metallic ink pad.

Don't have a Shadow stamp. No worries. Most of mine are made out of fun foam. Cut out your squares or really any shape and mount them on EZ Mount. For this project I used a 1 1/4" square.

Take your lightest color and stamp in a checkerboard pattern all over the card stock.

Take your next color and stamp 3 times forming a triangle shape.

Repeat this with your next color. Remember to stamp 3 times and in a triagle shape.

Now you will start to run out of empty spaces so stamp on top of some of your squares and fill in empty also using your last color.

Now this is the optional part. I repeated the steps first with pink Brilliance and then gold. Gives it a little sparkle.

Now you are ready to stamp your image using black.

Your background is now ready to be made into a card.

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