Friday, April 9, 2010

Vacation Day 1

Well it's hard to believe the day is half over. I've done laundry, worked on April swaps that were not finished, addressed the rest of April Birthday cards, watched the video for the awesome card I will be demoing in July and now I'm getting ready to go out for Supper at the Smokehouse Grill. No work for me today. I'm on vacation. It's been great but it won't really feel like a vacation until about Sunday. Then it will sink in that it is half over and I'd better get moving. Tomorrow Robin are taking a mother/daughter day. We're going to Mt. Dora shopping and to Crispers for lunch. Here I come Stamping Station. Hope you have what I'm looking for. I was going to take a picture of one of my birthday cards from today but the cameras battery was dead so maybe I will have something to show you tomorrow. Until then I'm repeating to myself I'm on vacation!! Come On LOTTERY!!! Let's make this a real long vacation.

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