Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh no I have to go back to work.

Yesterday my parents were here all day and we had supper for my last night of vacation. After they went home I worked on some samples for I demo I am doing in May on Alcohol ink. I made a really good discovery. You may already know this but I have had this ink pad for years and have never used it. Last night after throwing sample after sample away after I stamped with Stazon. I just don't have a good thing to say about black Stazon. Anyways in one of the articles I was reading talked about Ranger Archival jet black ink. I say to myself "you have one of those" so I hunted it out, stamped with it and OMG. It will now own a spot on my desk top. Let me show you. Here are 2 samples I made. They are stamped with the same stamp from I Brake for Stamps. Which one do you think is better. Bye Bye Stazon.

Here are a few of the backgrounds I made. They are all different techniques.

There are also a few other tools if you don't have you might like to think about purchasing. The first thing is the Craft Mat. You can do anything on it. Glue , paint, squirt ink all over it for techniques, whatever and the best part is you can wipe it right off and you are not using all that paper under your projects. You can heat on it and I just love it. The other things there are the Tim Holtz applicators. You can get the sponge pieces and they are awesome for distressing. You seem to have more control with them than you do with a regular art sponge. Or you can use a piece of felt to do the alcohol ink techniques. I will be showing these at my demo and letting you try for yourself. I know you will want to add them to your gadget collection but they will be a gadget you go to over and over.

Well as much as I hate the idea I must go and get dressed for work. Atleast I am rested and ready to deal with all those customers who are always right. Whoever came up with that concept? :O)

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to add to my ink supply so maybe I have to toss something , since I have the same opinion as Pat maybe that is already answered.