Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vellum adhesive UPDATE

You know I have been looking for an adhesive to use with vellum that you can't see. Well I FOUND one. I found this at Create for Less. The recommendations for it were great so ordered some. Look at this. You can't see it. The vellum is laying flat. Very Cool!!!!

I first saw it at Did a search on it and found a few more places that sell it. I guess I should tell you what it's called. Well I will but in a minute. There's my little sea horse from Custers Last Stamp again and another charm doing their technique. Again he was gold. Now he's green. You should see the leaves I'm doing. Wish I had bought more than one pack. I bet they mail order. hmmmm. I'm going to go and check. Oh yeah the name of the vellum adhesive. Ok enough already. You guys need some too. It's called V2 Vellum Adhesive. You spray it on. Dawn T. I sprayed it right here at my table. Absolutely no smell to bother you. After you spray it on you let it sit for 5 minutes. It gets real sticky. Turns clear and then sticks to your card stock. Works with Acetate too only you spray where you are going to stick the acetate. This is a very COOL finding. Very COOL indeed.

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