Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look Daisy I've been bleaching

Last Friday I took a class on bleaching. Not a technique I have ever had any luck with. And I was having some difficulty with it at the class but all is well. It could have been my paper I have tried to use in the past. The brand I had does not bleach. SU however works and I have been collecting all the colors so I may be trying this a lot more. I hope someone shows Daisy these pictures so she knows I'm not a lost cause. I'm not a very good student. I'm a read the directions and try it and play with it type of person. They are both on Chocolate Chip and embossed with gold. With the tulips (Holly Berry) I tried out one of my new cuttlebug edge folders. The pumpkin ( Northwoods ) I teamed up with my favorite technique. I just love webbing. I will be teaching 3 different techniques using the Webbing at Stamping Studio in Nov. for any locals interested. Both cards are colored in with markers I water colored with.

I also took the pumpkin and tried another technique being talked about around here that uses mica paint. I took my PearlX and Gum Arabic and made my own paint. First time I've used the Gum Arabic which I bought over a year ago. I think it was about time I used it. Another good look. I will have to try this on some different mages.

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Shirley said...

I love everything you hve done! How warm, Falll and rich they all are. TFS, Pat.