Monday, August 4, 2008

New Cuttlebug folder

I'm getting ready to take a short trip with my husband and daughter. Actually it is going to be a series of day trips because of the animals. We plan to have some family fun. Tomorrow we are off to the Everglades. My husband has always wanted to check that out. Hope we see some cool animals to make him happy. The next day we are headed for the Verizon store in the Villages first thing to do something about the daughter always going over her texting amount. I'm going to check out the status of the A C Moore store and if it is ever going to open. Then we'll be off again. Heading north this time. Lunch will probably be at Boston Market in Ocala. We miss Boston Market so much. Thursday then my hubby is taking my car to get new tires. Can you believe I haven't even owned that car 2 years and I need tires. Anyways he's heading there. Robin has to go to school and sign up for a parking place since she will not be needing the service of the school bus driver. Is she ever happy about that one. And I have to to go to school to work a few hours getting the kitchen ready. We plan to all meet back home by 11:30 and then we are off to Tampa and the zoo. Robin requested that trip. It should be very enjoyable. I'll let you know if we see anything really cool and if my husband got to pick it up. He's a wild and crazy man you know !!
I'm starting to play around with my first shipment of the embossing folders. This one makes the card all by itself. I colored it with chalk and added a few paper flowers and some bling. I think I'll add a sentiment on the bottom yet.

These next 2 cards is a technique I have been seeing everywhere the last 2 weeks. You stamp with white pigment ink and then color with pencils. Some are using Metallic pencils and some are using Prisma pencils. I tried both. The first one is a Halloween card. The little bag faces on the card are colored with metallic pencils. Found them at Michaels by Rose Art for $2.49. Really could have used a few more colors. There was no red or orange family colors. The little bag faces in the corner were colored with the Prisma pencils. A lot brighter. On the tulip card the flower is colored with the Prisma and the one in the corner is the metallic. I think I like the brighter colors. But I will give the metallic pencils a try again. Maybe I just need a different image to color.

See you when I get back

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