Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SSSD-Feb. Technique/Salted Background

This month we will be working on a project that requires Kosher or coarse salt. You can also use regular table salt but will not have the same effect. But you may use it if that's what you have.
                                                        Here is what you will need:
                        Dye Reinkers, Glossy card stock, spray bottle with water and a water brush.

                                              Spray your card stock with the bottle of water.

Need a few drops of several colors of Dye Reinkers. Can put these on your work surface, acrylic block or a pallet.

                           Take your water brush and swirl the ink around in no certain pattern.

    Don't have reinkers. No worries. Here I smooshed several dye ink pads onto my glossy card stock.

                                                                Spray it with water.

Sprinkle salt over the whole piece of card stock.

                                                           Spray with water lightly.

                         Now you can heat it with a heat gun or walk away and let it dry on its own.

                    Now take a paper towel and wipe the salt completely off. It will no longer be glossy.

                                           Here are both of my samples after being cleaned off.

                And here are my cards . You can stamp right on this background with no problems.


Sherry said...

These are gorgeous. Can't wait to play!! Thanks for all you do.

Louella said...

Ohhhh, I see now how you do it! Can't wait to do it, my only problem is going to be, I won't be able to stop making them!!! Louella