Saturday, February 21, 2009

We had a fun day

My Sister and her husband have now left but not before we had a wonderful day. We went to Homosassa Springs State Park. A little chilly yesterday but it didn't stop us from enjoying the day. Bryan and I both played hookie from work. Here we are.

That's my sister Mary and her Husband Bill, my Mom, me and my husband behind me and my Dad. Lots of great pictures were taken. While there we ran into Dawn D and the always smiling Miss Molly. Dawns' Mom was there as well as a cute little nephew.

I actually had a stamp that belonged to her in my purse so I was glad to get that returned. Husband didn't get a picture of Molly. He was way to busy taking pictures of me all day. And I mean all day. We have pictures of me looking for him through the crowds. I just couldn't keep track of him because of that hat. The bald head is easier to spot. We have pictures of me looking at animals from the other side of the cages. He was just busy busy busy.

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