Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Nestabilities fun

I gave a demo last Saturday at The Stamping Studio in Spring Hill on using the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities. Well as you all know things don't always go as they should. My Ovals were all mixed up ( can't imagine how that happened ) and I kept putting the dies in the wrong direction. Go figure. Thank goodness for the lady sitting next to me that could see what I was doing. So since you are starting a Spellbinders club I thought maybe I could contribute to your fun. Hopefully this tutorial will help you see what I was trying to show you. First off here is a tip. If your Nesties are mixed up as mine were there is a very easy way to figure out what belongs in what set. Lay the 2 biggest dies down and then keep adding dies to the middle.

If you put a wrong die in the group it will not lay separately from the other dies but lay on top of the one under it.

OK so I'm going to use the largest dies from the sm. and the lg. classic rectangles sets. Lay the smallest of the 2 in the center of the larger one ridge side up on both.

Take your piece of card stock cut to card size and score it down the middle. This will help you place the dies in the center.

Using removable tape attach the dies still connected to each other, ridge side down to what will be the front of your card.

Turn your card over and lay on the Cuttlebug in this order A Plate-B Plate- and the die taped to the card stock.

Now to finish your sandwich place the rubber mat on top of where your die is. Then 3 pieces of card stock and the other B Plate.

Run it through the Cuttlebug and here is what you get.

Now you can also use the other side of the dies (The smooth sides ) and follow the directions as before and this is what you get.

I chalked just the center of the frame using a cotton ball.

Here is a card using the raised edges against the card stock. I just added a small sentiment at the bottom and cut the flower out to attach to the center.

And here is a card using the smooth edges against the card stock. I think I like this way better. I added a square with a stencil/paste dragonfly.

2 very simple cards but the raised areas the Nestabilities makes adds so much to the card. I hope this helped to answer some of your questions. If you would like me to post a tutorial about anything else I showed you please let me know. I would be happy to do so and if you need any help with your Club projects I would love to help out even though I would not be able to attend our meetings.


Regina said...

I have just discovered your blog and I've enjoyed going through your blog. You've done an amazing job on your blog! Love all the great ideas you share.
This tutorial with Nesties is great! I am going to have to try that. Thanks!!!!!
I've bookmarked your blog in my Google Reader.

many greetings from Germany

Trishie said...

Pat, I love the raised center. with just a simple flower, how pretty. I have not tried these yet. I know your hooked on them. Thanks for sharing these, I may have to try some one day.