Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadow stamping and making a shadow stamp

I meant this to go out yesterday but somehow I fell asleep, missed the movie I was going to watch and ended up in bed. Never quite understand what happens to me after 9:00pm. Any how I thought I would spend yesterday doing some shadow stamping. I had made one stamp with Fun Foam a few years ago and decided to show you how but I had no more Fun Foam. Then I thought of Rangers Cut & Dry. Works great and doesn't need mounted because it is so thick. I mounted my Fun Foam stamp on EZ Mount. Decide what size of stamp you want and cut out 2 pieces the same size. One will be your base. The other cut into squares, trim down a bit and don't worry about be even. Shadow stamps don't have to be perfect.

Glue them on your base and mount if needed. With the Cut & Dry I used the shiney surface for stamping.

Here is also the one I made with Fun Foam.

Now for Shadow Stamping you need light colored ink. Rangers Sea Shells/Lights work great for this.

Decide where on the card stock you want your shadows. Stamp your images over it. Color them in with markers or inks. You could even stamp on every square if you wanted. Here are a couple I made.

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