Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last day of vacation. How sad!!

My last day to just do whatever I feel like. Relax and play. School is back in session tomorrow. Back to school for Robin and back to work for me. So today I decided to try something I have been putting off. I follow a blog by Michelle Zindorf "the Queen of the brayer". Do not know how she does it. My brayer doesn't work that way but I gave it shot. Not bad for the first time and I now will try a few other of her designs real soon.

Now I'm off to try a few new techniques. I'll let you see what I make later. BYE!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING! You do beautiful work Pat! dd

kraftykurtses said...

I think you did a great job on your first try, Pat. kren

Anonymous said...

Pat, Great job . Brayers are often forgotten. I can create a plaid look with the Brayer that is pretty neat. DebMac