Monday, February 17, 2014

A Hobby Lobby find

I wanted to show you the craft matt I have been using for the last 2 months. First off I have had 2 of those nothing sticks to expensive craft sheets and both look like this. OK I guess if you aren't taking photos of techniques in progress.  It really bugs me. Walking through Hobby Lobby one day looking for things to make imprints for my Gelli Plate I found this kids plastic craft matt. In the kids craft section, 18 x24 and $5.99. It's still white no matter what I have put on it. My home made stamp cleaner  cleans everything right off. A few times I have had to get out the alcohol to get out a tough stain. I love it. It also doesn't curl up on the edges or slide. It's thick enough to stay laying flat. I will keep the stained matted though for ironing and heating as the white one is not heat resistant. 

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Stampsnob said...

What a super great find. Will be looking tomorrow .......Lis