Monday, June 28, 2010

Do you print and save things for later?

Well that's what I do. I have 10 binders full of techniques and photos of cards I admired. Of course its because someday when I have the time.........The last couple of days I have been sorting through 2 of the binders. I have a pile of I tried and liked it. A pile of things I really wanted to try and the pile that went out and was burned this morning. I've had the day off and took the time to try out a few of those saved ideas. Guess what I found. 2 more alcohol ink techniques. This one is really easy. On your craft mat take your Krylon gold leaf pen and make a few puddles.

Now add a couple drops of 3 colors and some Blending solution.

Mix just a little with a tooth pick.

Lay your glossy card stock face down into the inks and smoosh and twist in a circle. Lift up your card stock and this is what you get. Gorgeous.

Now you can stamp on it with your Archival ink.

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