Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Birthday present used

Dawn gave me this great Dragon brass stencil for my birthday. Today is the first time I have taken it out to use. I thought I'd show you 3 different ways to use the Embossing paste giving you 3 different looks from one stencil.

Let me show you how to tape your stencil down. This is important so the paste doesn't smear. First tape the top down using painters tape.

Next tape the sides.

Then the bottom

After you have applied your paste you remove the bottom tape first. Then the sides and top. Then lift the stencil straight up. Now go and wash off your stencil and paste knife.
OK now for my first card. After taping the stencil down I took a cotton ball and green chalked and filled in all the openings with the chalk. Then I applied a layer of Translucent Paste. It looks just like jade. After it was dry I chalked around the edges of my card stock.

I took a piece of Polished Stone background and used a layer of white paste first. Removed the stencil. Let it dry and then put the stencil over my dried dragon making sure to line it up correctly. Taped it back down and added a layer of Translucent Paste. So he has a nice Ivory look.

My last sample also uses a Polished Stone background and the white paste. But after it dried and before I added the Translucent Paste I applied some Metallics rub ons here and there to give him some color. Now you don't have to add the Translucent paste. I like the shiney effect. You could also put glitter on top of your wet paste. They also make colored pastes. So you have lots of options.

As I was sitting here I happened to look up and saw that Molly was out. My husband is always letting her out and I'm always reminding him she eats my flowers. She's getting so big and is spoiled rotten. We started giving her Horse treats and she now expects them everytime she sees you. And not just one. She wants a couple. Just like one of the dogs.

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Handmade by Vivi said...

Pat, awesome dragon! I love all of three, but my fave is the green one!! Absolutely gorgeous!