Sunday, April 5, 2009

The story of Charlie Pork Chop

Today started out like any other Sunday. We got up , took care of the animals and headed off to Church. After Church we were to go on an adventure to Homosassa. To the farm of Dawn Ds' dad to pick up Charlie Pork Chop. We brought 2 boxes with us not really sure how big he was going to be. Dawns' dad let us borrow a cage and thank goodness he did. We got Charlie home and put him in his nice new piggy area up near Molly Moo. Molly however is not thrilled that he is there. Anyways he eats and drinks and rooted and snoozed. Here he is snoozing. He looks happy and content doesn't he?

Here we are posing for the camera. Look at him smile!!! Doesn't he look happy!! Oh wait I guess that I'm the one smiling. He was planning. He was about to be a BAD PIGGY!!

Hubby and I go for a ride out to the pond to see the baby cranes. I'm afraid they didn't make it. Something must have eaten them. The parents were out there but no babies. We were sad and headed back to do some yard work. I look up and think to myself that pig sure looks like it's not where he belongs. Sure enough he wondered into the barn. So I run and get Bryan and he catches him. Puts him back and wonders how this pig got out. Doesn't the litle piggy know Bryan dug real deep and buried the fencing so he couldn't dig his way out. We head back to what we were doing, turn around and that bad little piggy was squeezing through the fence. Bryan runs to get some wood. I run all over the pasture chasing this pig. I haven't run in years. It wasn't pretty. Bryan puts the wood around the bottom , catches the pig and once again we are off to finish what we were doing. YEAH RIGHT!!!! That bad little piggy jumped over the boards and climbed out above the boards. Now the boards were at least 18 inches high. Who knew white pigs could jump!! So there I am again chasing pig. Bryan gets some chicken wire and starts hanging that around the inside but the pig snooted it up and climbed under it. Now I'm thinking to myself the pigs at the farm weren't trying to escape. What is the big deal. So now Charlie Pork Chop is in the cage. Thank goodness we were allowed to borrow the cage. Bryan has got all the chicken wire up and is now nailing the boards back up along the bottom. He also is putting a wooden floor down next to the barn so he can't did an escape tunnel under the barn. I saw the big light bulb above his head. I bet Dawn told him what his purpose is. That must be why he keeps trying to escape. So hubby is not allowed to come in tonight until that cage is totally Charlie proof. What an afternoon.
Earlier before all this piggy mischief we found a baby raccoon in the barn so hubby being the nut he is had to catch it and talk to it and of course be photographed with yet another critter he has caught. Meet Rocky.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you have your hands full.
I sat here reading and I had the whole picture in my head and all I could do was laugh. I'm sure it wasn't funny while it happened.

Rocky is adorable, too bad they can be super mean. Be careful Bryan.

TA Carbone said...

Pat reading your story made a Monday very funny on a dresry day. I can just picture you all running after Charlie Pork Chop. All I can say is he must miss his other family so maybe you should go and pick up another to keep him company, lol.

I know someone who had a raccoon come and visit them every day and before you knew it he then brought his female and the following year they brought their babies. They never did damage around the property they only came to eat as her father was feeding them every day


Anonymous said...

You just have to get him fat enough so he can't fit through
What a story I can picture you chasing all over the place for the bad little piggie........Lis

Crafty Guam Girl said...

Too cute Pat! Love Charlie Porkchop and Rocky!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Pat what a hoot! I can just picture you running after him. Bryan racoons are cute when small but deadly when they are made at any size be careful!!! We have an old guy here feeding them at night, he is CRAZY!!!.....Judy