Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little bit of nature

Took a walk back to our pond. A Sand Hill Crane nests there every year. Last year was the first time a baby survived and we loved watching him grow up. Mrs. Crane started sitting on the nest last week so we took a walk out there. She let us see there are 2 eggs this year. With my new camera I should get some good pictures of the babies when they hatch. We also had a close look at a Blue Bird. They are so pretty.

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Debi said...

Pat we get the Eastern Blue Bird at our new house too. They are so neat, we also have tons of other birds with the cardinals being the most abundant. Love to see the flash of bright red out my windows. The cats are fascinated too as they lay in the windows thinking they are going to get a bite to eat even through the glass window. They jump at the window and then onto the floor. I am constantly having to wash their favorite windows cause just like kids they leave marks from their wet noses. We have set up a Martin house in our yard but have not attracted any as of yet. Might be early yet for them to come. I missed you on Saturday. Wish I could have been there but the craft sale was a big success. I think I might have picked up at least a party and maybe a recruit. Have a good day!