Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 3 another Tutorial and a tip

Hubby is out feeding his farm so I'm free again for a short while. Then we'll be out and about for the afternoon. Look at this image. I ruined it.

It was so pretty and then I decided to emboss a sentiment in the middle. I never never remember to use my embossing buddie. Well this week I have been reorganizing my stuff and putting things out where I can see it. So my embossing buddie is now on my desk in plain sight right next to my heat gun which used to live in a drawer. The image I can not redo as it was one I received in a swap but I'm going to remember my buddie. TIP: put out those things you never think about using. We all have something we bought and it just sits. Put it out where you can see it so the next time you sit down to play you will actually see it. If they are in your sight you might start using them and ALWAYS use your embossing buddie before you sprinkle on the EP.

Now here is my card from yesterdays post. The sentiment is from I Brake for stamps. The little blue jay is from an image swap I was in. Sure would like to know where he is from. I love him.

On to todays project. This is an old technique. but I had never tried it until Kim demoed it for us at our groups get together. You will need a sandwich container or other box similar in size. a few marbles, a couple of reinkers, double sided removable tape and a piece of card stock cut to size.

Tape your card stock to the lid and put a few drops of reinkers in the box.

Add your marbles, close it up and SHAKE IT!! Up and down and side ways and turn it up side down and do it some more. Here's what you get.

Now the ink isn't all gone so tape another piece to the lid. Add a few drops of another color and do it all over again.

Here is the finished project. Hope if you haven't tried this you will.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the marbles technique. Wish I had some so I could try it. Will have to look for something round to substitute to see if it will work. Merry, merry, happy, happy! kren