Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alligator skin?? And is it time for Fall yet??

A friend told me about a technique at Stamperdog.com the other night and I couldn't resist. You know how I love techniques. Well this one was for Faux Alligator skin. It's a fun look and my little gator buddy there is liking it ALOT!. And it was simple to do. The other card is a great Fall card. Of course there is my favorite background technique in nice fall colors. All the images have been water colored and cut out and then arranged on the front of the card. I just love Fall leaves don't you?


Girl With the Gadgets said...

Great job! Looks wonderful. Love your riley moose too!

kraftykurtses said...

Okay. You got me. How do I do the faux alligator skin? Are the directions on the other site somewhere?