Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sketch Challenge #5

This Mondays Techno Stampers sketch proved to be a real challenge for me. I just couldn't make anything fit in the 3 graduated spaces on the right hand side of the card. I worked all evening and finally came up with these 2 cards. The first one uses Fossil Stone technique on regular card stock. Matched it up with SU Groovy Guava and a SU flower I had already colored in awhile ago. I cut it out and used it for the bottom of the 3 spaces and then went looking for words that would match in some way for the other 2. Came up with Smile and Cutie Pie. Kept expecting Husband to ask who Cutie Pie was. I wanted a gold outlined butterfly but didn't have any but found this little butterfly sticker and he finished the card off. The second card uses paper I bought over a year ago. I'm not a paper person but had laid this out on my desk over the weekend with the intention of using it on something this week. Ripped the zig zag and put the 2 papers together and then just stared for a while trying to figure out where to go from there. Pulled out all my embellishments and found 3 silver circles but they were too big for the space together. Rectangles didn't work for me with this paper. So kept looking and decided on 2 buttons and the middle size silver circle. Added a brad to that and attached them. Stared some more. This card was just not me!!! Had no clue what to do with it. Pulled out the raffia I bought months ago and on one of my groups we are swapping cards that use a "punch" and that gave me an idea. So through my collection of punchies I went and came up with 3 that were the right colors. I sort of like it now. Could make a nice mans Birthday card don't you think?.


Norma Gwen said...

Great cards, Pat! Glad you started this blog. Keep up the good work!


MJ said...

Super cards Pat. I love both of them. Thanks so much for playing you ideas are very creative and super pretty.

Laura Solkey said...

Very nice cards Pat! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!