Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's make a fussy cut border - June SSSD technique

OK ladies here we go. Take a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2" piece of card stock and fold in half to make your card base. Decide on your stamps or stamp that you will use. One stamp alone will work fine. I am using 4 different ones. Stamp them on post it notes. 

Cut them out. These will become our masks. Now if you use 1 stamp, stamp it at least 3 times on the post it notes. 

Line them up to decide on your design.

Stamp the first one on your card base. 

Add your mask and stamp the next stamp overlapping the first image. Remember we don't want these to line right up with the edge. We will be cutting the edge out around the stamps.

Add your second stamp and stamp the next image

Repeat with the rest of your masks and images. HINT: store your masks with the stamps for another time you may want to stamp and mask with them. 

Here's my images all lined up along the edge. 

Color them in if you want. 

Open your card and cut along the edge around your images. 

Add a strip of paper to the back inside flap of your card. This will show behind your imaged border.

Finish your card. 

Stamps - MFP a HC - You've Got Style


Angie said...

What a great tutorial!!!! I have often wondered how people do cards with an edge like this. Thanks for showing us how to do it!!

Just Me said...

That is so cute. It will be a fun technique to play with.

Lagene said...

I love the fussy cut boarder!!!

Louella said...

I love the look of this edge, it was a bit hard for me to make, I think because I didn't really have the right sized stamps for the technique, but will keep an eye out now for the right size. Thanks Pat. Louella