Friday, March 1, 2013

A Smooshing technique

Hi Ladies. This is one of those messy techniques so get ready to smoosh. The fingers will get inky. You will need white acrylic paint ( I didn't have any so I used my Pearl Dabber ), a spray bottle with water, Water color paper and dye reindeers. Everyone you make will be different.

Squirt out a quarter sized blob of whit paint and 3 drops of 3 different dye reindeers on your craft sheet or other work area. 

Spray with water

Pull your paper through it. Keep going back until it is covered. 

Here is mine. 

  Use another piece of water color paper to pick up what is left. Add more paint and ink and water as needed. You can make quite a few pieces.  Now go away and let them dry over night. The paint adds texture.

Here's my card. 


Davi said...

I have to try that cool technique! Made a beautiful card :)

Kathy Bradley said...

Wow, Pat, what gorgeous backgrounds this makes. Your card looks beautiful! I am going to try this this week-end. TFS

Lagene said...

WOW! Beautiful backgrounds! I'm going to try this technique! THANKS!