Sunday, July 1, 2012

SSSD-July Technique-A new use for saran wrap

This is a quick and easy technique SSSD Ladies. So quick and easy you can make dozens in a matter of minutes. It is however messy so work where you have room. I always do this one in my kitchen. I line up my papers and go until I filled the counter. You need glossy card stock, dye reinkers, water in a spray bottle and saran wrap. Put a couple of drops of several reinkers in a pallet, plastic lid, paper plate or whatever you have that will work. Spray card stock with water

                                  Start by painting on the ink in no special pattern. Use 2-3 colors.

                             Lay a piece of saran wrap on top and scrunch it up. leave it and move on.

                                           Spray with water

                                                  Paint on your ink

                                            Add some saran wrap and scrunch.

          Now comes the hard part. Walk away and don't touch them for 30 minutes.  If you lift up the saran wrap before it has time to dry you will lose the markings.  I have done this technique so many times and I had a hard time with it leaving no marks today. I don't know if it is the humidity or the air conditioner or fans but I had better luck in my work room. In the past I have left the saran wrap on over night and it has been fine but today anything left on over 30 minutes was solid color with no markings. So experiment in your surroundings and don't get upset if it doesn't work the first time. I finally got some to work.

              I also tried using Smooch Spray and Glimmer Mists Sprays. I had excellent results. These turned out really good. Do the same thing. Spray with the Smooch or other brand spray and lay your saran wrap on top and scrunch it up. These were after 30 minutes. I've got to say they turned out the best. I think this will be the way I do the technique from now on. You do it either way you want.

Here's my card made with reinkers.

      Here's my card made with Gold Smooch Spritz. The sprays seem to make the more defined patterns.  Have fun ladies.


Kathy Bradley said...

Awesome cards, Pat - very cool technique!

Janis said...

These all look so pretty. What a great way to make a background! :) Janis

Julie said...

You do some really cool project. I love the digis you use. I hope you stop by to see some of the free digis that I offer. I'd love to see what you make with them. :o) Happy Crafting!!!

Louella said...

As always, I am excited to try out this new technique, I've wanted to try it befor but never have, Love the golden smooch! Louella