Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marker Water Color

Had the day off so I finished mowing the yard and then headed in for some relaxation. I have been having fun all afternoon working on things I actually wanted to work on. My June swaps are all ready to go so I tried out a few techniques and colored in images. I've done 2 things I haven't done in a long time. I water colored and I webbed. I went through my basket of backgrounds and found a handful that I would never use. Took them outside. Spread them all over the grass and started spraying. What fun. I had several chickens and a dragonfly very interested in what was happening. I sprayed polished stone, encaustic wax and then odd pieces of things that didn't turn out quite right. I have used them in the cards I am going to show you today. So let's get started. I have never water colored this way before but I have to tell you regular card stock will not work with this technique. You need water color paper which I have 2 tablets of and never use it. Why oh why don't I use it. This was great!!! and so easy. You will need watercolor paper, a water brush and SU or Tom Bow markers. Markers need to be water based. Stamp your image with a permanent black ink. I used archival jet black for my images.

Outline your image with your colors.

Now using your water brush pull the color from the edge into the center. Make sure your brush is wet. This helps to make the color spread.

This is what you will finish up with. You can also outline the image with a very pale blue for a shadow. Here is another one I did. They work up really fast and you can go back and add more color if you want.

Now for my new cards and their back grounds. The tulip has a background of Polished Stone. And the Hydrangea is a water technique of some sort. It was really dull looking until I sprayed it.

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