Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm raising a SUPER chicken

Can you believe the size of this egg!!! It wouldn't even fit in the egg carton. We cracked it this morning for breakfast. The yolk was huge. The other egg yolks were half the size. My Father said the poor chickens butt must really hurt and mom blamed the alligator saying it was his. That was on Friday. We haven't gotten another one like it since. It was just a freaky thing I guess. Now some more news. We were sad when we lost the calf we were expecting a month and a half ago but the other cow is pregnant and we are penning her up by the house where we can keep an eye out for her. Her name is MOOrie. She had a calf last summer MOOrice. My husband has a buyer for him if he actually comes and gets him. We can't use him so we'd have to eat him eventually. SOOOOO better he lives somewhere else. Today we saw a cute name at Walmart in the toys. The cows name was MOOnica. So that will be the name if it is a girl. I've got to think on the boys name. Any suggestions??

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Debi said...

How about MOOrton or Moowton or Moocomepoop. I will think on it some more. Hope you are doing well. no gators or snakes this week? That was a whopper of an egg. Poor Chicken probably did kind of hurt.